Erasmus = Party


Allright, it has been nearly 3 weeks we are here, and i dont remember how many parties we had 😀 But well, as long as we go to school when we have to, it’s no problem, huh ? What’s bad about having party with friends..

As you can see in this picture, we are really happy ! But unfortunately, all of us are cross-eyed.. That’s something we can’t change.. Life is full of bad things 😛 This is one of them..

This is me on the left, just giving an ordinary pose 😀 Here is Bar 54 in Forssa, it’s the best place you can visit in Forssa. So you will understand how big Forssa is.. Because if you don’t see someone in Bar54, then probably he doesn’t live in Forssa.

All in all, it was a one funny day, and it ended.. How many are there on the queue ? We will see. Moi moi for now, from Forssa..


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