My Videos

From time to time, I feel that moment of creativity and at those precious times, I like working with videos. I think it is a great way of expressing feelings or thoughts. Although my videos are basic, I think they are at least conveying “the message” which is what matters. The following are the videos that I have created for different purposes :

  • Marketing Concepts in Two Minutes :

On a Sunday when I had nothing to do, I saw a generic text on the internet talking about the marketing concepts. I thought it would have been explained better by a video, so I prepared this one. All of a sudden it has spread out all around the web, people on Facebook have been sharing it and I started to get a lot of good comments, so it was fun.

  • Olikheter Mellan Den Svenska och Turkiska Kulturen (The differences between the Swedish and the Turkish Culture) in Swedish:

I basically talk about the differences between the Turkish and the Swedish culture for an assignment for my Swedish class.

  • WaterWell CSD Fall 2008 – Final Video :

This is the video that I have prepared for the final presentation of our project called “Waterwell”. I have been the project manager for six months in an international team for a project that is aimed at developing countries.

  • Mobile Cup 2009

This video was for a competition in Stockholm / Sweden. We had a business idea and we thought that, video was the best way to explain our business idea.


4 Responses to “My Videos”

  1. 1 Albert

    Hello Gokhan

    It is really a pity to finish your video production. I liked it very much. Your marketing video is brilliant! Great ideas!

    I hope this few words will encourage you to continue your work. That is your added value! Why to stop producing such funny things ….Please keep doing it again!

    I am sure you have lot of ideas…..and please just don’t tell me you don’t have time!

    Best Regards,


    • Dear Albert,

      Thank you for such nice words from you. I really felt encouraged and great that you liked it!
      Having too less time is always an excuse but I’ll try to come up with something soon then,
      I guess I need to update my website as well, hmm I’ll write in my to-do list among other
      thousand things 🙂

      Thank you and have a great day!
      Best Regards,

  2. 3 mahboub

    wowwww……..tnx so much i was looking for marketing concepts in you tube that i found youre website………..tnx it’s great……….do u have more videos of marketing concept?! i really appricate ….

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