Dinner Time


Cooking Lesson : How to make great salads

Allright, it was an ordinary day, until i and Mahmut decided to eat something “real”.. I mean something, that is hot, has some taste and enjoyful to eat. Because, until that day, all things that we have been eating were like, pizzas, hamburgers, cookies etc.. etc..

But that day was different, we wanted to make something special for us…

Well the things that you see in the tray are chicken and in the middle of the chicken there comes our great sauce with cheddar, tomato sauce and some spices.. Wow ! That was really delicious.. And then the salad which i prepared and designed 😀 It was like designing a website, taking care of the colors, the placement of the objects.. he he allright, no more details, it must be a secret which i should keep for myself.

PS: The saltcellar is my own desing and i made it from a ” Kinder ” chocolate box.. I opened a hole on the top of the box and wrote Salt and Tuz (in Turkish) on it 😀 I made two of them and gave one of them to our neighbours (Ercan – Alper ) as a present. Well, that day we had fun and we were full for the very first time 😀


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