Tips for Networking in Stockholm


The old guy was parking his car when he was about to hit me. With all my anger I shouted “@!*?” to him and he was kind enough to stop, get out of his car and apologize for that.

Then I met him again inside, five minutes later, he smiled, came to me and apologized again. That was the networking_professionalstime I learned that he was the CEO of one of the major companies in the event.

Lesson 1 : Never underestimate who and where you will meet during the events. The guy who is right next to you in the rest room could be a very important contact for you. So be professional, kind and aware everywhere.

With all my shame I continued to meet people around then the hiring manager I met three weeks ago came and said hi to me. We talked about an employment opportunity that I would get and set up a meeting next week to talk about it.

Lesson 2 : You can’t know when you will benefit mutually from the contact that you have made. Even if you don’t get an immediate benefit from the contact that you have just made, time will come and you will be valuable for each other. So take it easy and meet as many people as you can without thinking about immediate benefits.

Shame, excitement and what comes next ? I was thinking to myself, what one can experience in a single networking event and then I saw him. This was the guy I have been observing for a long time. He was calm and giving. He told me once that he is doing people a lot of favours before asking them anything and that helps a lot. Drinking his red wine with his new buddy from the corporate world, he taught me that just by helping this guy find his way to the city center, now they became close friends.

Lesson 3 : Be a giving person instead of asking favours all the time. “Karma” will help you one day or another.

Practical Issues:

Here is my favourite question to open up conversations.

  • What keeps you busy nowadays ?

Remember to focus on open-end questions like “how” and “in your opinion” instead of “what” “where” and “who”. Questions will give you the power to guide the conversation and will make your contact feel better as you will be listening to him/her.


6 Responses to “Tips for Networking in Stockholm”

  1. That is a great story and a great lesson. It is the thought behind my upcoming book, “Elevators, Airplanes, and Tea.” You never know who you will sit beside on an airplane, I have had long conversations with executives that I could never have made and appointment with.,

    Also a good reminder to watch those idle words we say, they can really get us embarrassed,


  2. 2 Peter Miklosko

    Here in London I like to go for Java meetups which are organized by either Java champions in the area, in this case Peter Pilgrim ( or you have community groups like the London Java Community – LJC ( You can find similar groups through (, Google groups or Sun website (unfortunately I lost this link)

  3. Wov! Thanks Peter for sharing it !

  4. 4 chamu

    Hi dogangokhan,

    Ur blog is mind blowing, thank u very much for helping us by ur thoughts and experiences, it helps a lot. I was looking for masters thesis in sweden n i got ur website ,i have uploaded all my details in an application,but i couldnt get anyreply,like we got ur application so n so. I want to fill it again but i couldnt find the application site.please could u help.

    Thanking you,


    • Hi Chamu,
      Thank you for your kind words and hope that it’s useful for somebody out there but I didn’t really get which
      application you’re talking about?

      Best Regards,

  1. 1 Finding Thesis Work in Sweden « Sun Shines on KTH

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