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Walking down on one of the streets of Istanbul, I have seen a sign that says “Japanese Bazaar”. This was a place where everything was very cheap and low quality. It was the image of Japanese products in the past and now they are the symbol of hard-working and high-quality, so how did they achieve […]


So you have chosen to carry out your project in an iterative way and completed the first iteration. How should you write an iteration report ? What should this report contain ? Why is it important? What is Iteration? Iterations stands for the repetition of activities in the computer jargon. In simple words, if you […]

Mustafa is a kebap shop owner in Antalya. He recently subscribed to Avea’s (a major mobile operator in Turkey) tariff which lets the customers call any domestic number for an unlimited time with a fixed monthly price. Since he was now able to call 7/24 anyone he wanted to call, he came up with a […]

ISTANBUL – Ziraat Bank, the oldest bank in Turkey,  introduced a new Video Teller Machine, or VTM, which enables clients to use private banking services with a Ziraat Bank representative through a video link. The VTM technology is aimed for small towns which do not have Ziraat Bank branches or big shopping centres where there […]