Applying for the U.S Tourist Visa in Stockholm


In this post I am going to share with you my experiences while applying for the U.S tourist visa here in Stockholm.

Document Requirements:

The following are the documents that the U.S embassy requires from those people who have a job and will finance their trips themselves. If you are in a different situation, please refer to US Embassy Stockholm website:

  • Valid Passport: I think this is pretty obvious. Just be sure that you have no cracks in your passport.
  • One Photograph: The photograph is a little bit issue as U.S passport photo requirements are very strict. (see I would recommend “Foto Aspkrans” in Zinkensdamn.  Costs 180 SEK for two photos out of which you will use.
  • Original Receipt: There is an application fee of 1050 SEK which you need to pay. The best way to pay is to go to your own bank and pay it there as you need a receipt that has your name and details on it.
  • Electronic DS-156 Application Form: This is provided on the website.
  • Completed DS-157 Application Form: Same as above (Ibid.)
  • Envelope: You need stamps worth 65 SEK. Just go to a “Posten” office and ask for it. Suprisingly it costs 65 SEK 🙂
  • Personbevis: The type of personbevis that is stated on the Embassy’s website can only be ordered via telephone or at any “Skatteverket” branch (Call 0771‑567 567). I personally ordered on the phone but didn’t receive it in a week so I went to the Skatteverket office at the city and got it there immediately.
  • Proof of Finance: While paying for your application fee, you could also ask for a bank statement showing the actual amount in your account.
  • Employment Letter: I got a letter from our HR Department that I have a permanent job and am on vacation at the respective dates of the trip.
  • Travel Plan: I didn’t have any travel plan but I had already bought my return tickets to N.Y so it counts as a travel plan.
  • Invitation Letter: I didn’t have any invitation letter either as I am organizing the trip on my own although I will meet my friends there as well.

Associated Costs:

  • Application Fee: 1050 SEK
  • U.S Passport Size Photo : 180 SEK
  • Stamps : 65 SEK
  • Return Ticket (Stockholm-New York) : ~4500 SEK (if you buy well in advance)

My Own Application:

So I applied for my visa last week the day before the Eastern holiday. I had to spend almost 2 hours at the U.S Embassy Stockholm waiting in the line but eventually talked to the consulate officer and she requested the transactions in my bank account for the last 6 months as an extra document. She was probably suprised by the fact that I have just been working for the last 10 months and will finance the trip myself. Anyways, I got the document from the bank, scanned it and e-mailed it to the Embassy. They will probably process my application during this week.

I will update my status when I hear from them. Good luck with your applications and give me advices if you have some!

4 Responses to “Applying for the U.S Tourist Visa in Stockholm”

  1. 1 Anonymous

    Hi gokhan,

    Its nice to hear from you after a long time from kth. I have one question, how much money we have to show in our bank? if we have no sponsor in usa or in my case i have an invitation letter from US.


    • Hi Nedian,

      Nice to hear from you as well. They dont specify any specific amount but as far as I can see, they have stringent requirements on that. For example, they wanted to see all the incoming and outgoing transactions in my account for the last 6 months, just to be sure that I could finance myself.. It wasnt enough to show the actual present amount that I have..

      Good luck!

  2. 3 Shuai

    Hi, I am interested in how long it took you get your USA tourist visa? Thanks!

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