Second Period of My Life


As of today, the first period of my life has finished. Yesterday, I did my logo_topmaster thesis presentation and sent the latest version of my final report to my examiner which was my last assignment for the “first part” of my life, which can be summarized as studying and gathering as much information as possible.

Starting from Monday, I will be a “young professional” and it will be the beginning of the second period of my life which can be summarized as “having a career and improving yourself”. The first stop in my professional career is being a “Pre-Sales Engineer” at NetInsight AB. I hope that, I will learn a lot and succeed with the company for many long years.

My final report from my master thesis could be found in my “e-marketing master thesis” blog if you are interested. Otherwise, this is the latest news from my side and I wish a great “midsummer” for everybody!


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