Twitter: I am still alive, open the coffin!


A new Swedish webservice (Webwill) is going to let you prepare twitter, facebook or even myspace messages those will be sent out after your death.

Your Online Heritage

Swedish design student Lisa Granberg from Beckmans College of Design statesWebWill that an average Swede spends almost 2,5 hours online for twittering, sending messages on Facebook and even blogging. But there is no way to control your online life after your death.Yet, it is most probable that none of your friends or relatives will have the necessary information to access your social networking accounts. So how are you going to say your last words to the people out there?

Facebook Status: Parachuting..

Would you want your facebook status to remain as “parachuting..” forever after your sudden fall from 4.500 meters? Of course not ! What about your confession about your unknown kid, would you trust technology to let everyone know about it ?

Real Thoughts

The idea is really bright in a way that it took a lot of attention from the media at least here in Sweden. It can be argued if it really solves a problem but it sure made my day. What do you think, would this idea take off?

Introduction Video In English

The Local (Sweden’s News in English) Article


3 Responses to “Twitter: I am still alive, open the coffin!”

  1. 1 Stavros

    i’ve thought of this idea, last november but decided NOT to implement it after discussions i had with Swedish Entrepreneurs and Investors.

    It is hard to convince Swedes to store all their data there.

    There is also in US.

    Just think….

    US government can control anything…so..a similar website can just make it easier for them or (any government) to have all data in a database!

    As for this girl that had the idea, she is just a stupid girl with no money in the idea and just made a buzz.

    This opinion is personal, but we are having a dialog, right? 🙂

    • I didn’t know legacylocker, it seemed expensive to me to pay 300$ one time fee and then 30$ per year. That is even worse if I live a long life like here in Sweden. Think about it if I live more 50 years, that is 1500+300 = 1800$. What is my inheritance going to be? Facebook account for the son and Twitter account for the daughter 🙂

      I think she definitely made a buzz but it’s debatable if there is any money to make with this idea. Time will show my dear friend 🙂

  2. 3 Peter

    It is a good idea to statrt with. Sadly, my brother passed away recently and it was difficult to remove his facebook and msn accounts. They remain just as if he was still alive, and that is very painful for all of us who love him.

    However, I see some difficulties with the webwill. For example, how will they treat people who use it in unethical ways. For example to make accusations against people or write hurtfull messages in their blogs after they die. Or people who makes twitter messages such as the one in the title: “I’m still alive, open the coffin.” That might be the bad joke from someone who is not expecting to die yet.

    Another problem is the collection of all your login passwords in one place. That seems unsecure.

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