Turkish Sales Promotion


Mustafa is a kebap shop owner in Antalya. He recently subscribed to Avea’s (a major mobile operator in Turkey) tariff which lets the customers call any domestic number for an unlimited time with a fixed monthly price. Since he was now able to call 7/24 anyone he wanted to call, he came up with a promotion idea for his business !

Eat here and call free !mustafacep

So he has put banners on his shop’s window saying that “even if you buy the cheapest food from us, you are entitled to call anyone for 10 minutes”.

The promotion boosted the sales with a rocket speed ! People who didn’t want to pay the fixed price of the tariff, had their lunch at Mustafa’s place and called their beloved ones freely.

Seems like a win-win situation, huh ?

Stop there, brother !

But of course Avea didn’t think so !  They have recently announced that because of the misuse of the campaign by many people, they are going to stop subscribing new customers. Mustafa has already increased his customer base by his promotions, anyway.


Sometimes boosting up your sales can be done just by simple stuff like this. Can you come up with any examples from your country?


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