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I have been working at Forteks AB for my e-marketing master thesis. Lately we have created a blog where an employee writes regularly about the products and their usages. Since, he is very new to “blogging”, I decided to prepare a How to Write a Blog (PDF) guideline along with a “BlogChecklist“(PDF). Blog Content Write […]

So you have chosen to carry out your project in an iterative way and completed the first iteration. How should you write an iteration report ? What should this report contain ? Why is it important? What is Iteration? Iterations stands for the repetition of activities in the computer jargon. In simple words, if you […]

Mustafa is a kebap shop owner in Antalya. He recently subscribed to Avea’s (a major mobile operator in Turkey) tariff which lets the customers call any domestic number for an unlimited time with a fixed monthly price. Since he was now able to call 7/24 anyone he wanted to call, he came up with a […]