Finding Thesis Work in Sweden


If you are an international master student in Sweden, it is really hard to find a thesis work nowadays.  Even if you don’t want to be paid, it is still difficult to find a thesis work both in the industry and the academic world. So what should you do ?


Being a stranger in a country is difficult, if you don’t know anyone, you better meet them ! Attend events, conferences, meetings and network with the other people. If there is one thing I have learned through my master studies is that, networking is extremely important for the success. So go out and meet people, you can’t know when they will need you or you’ll need them. You can check my networking tips in Stockholm.

Muscular Fingers

It took me more than 70 NO’s before I got that YES ! I have applied to nearly 70 companies, (remember there is still economic crisis) had an interview with 4-5 of them and started my thesis work at 1 of them. Some of them required fluent Swedish, some of them wanted to start earlier and so on. So you better apply a lot of places to increase your chance.

Quick Fact : I have started looking for master thesis in the end of August 2008 and found it January 2009 🙂 This is the same for my peers who have found thesis works in the industry. Unfortunately it is not easy !

No Job is Small

Don’t hesitate to break your limits, you never know what will happen. For example, I even had an interview with a company in Malmö and had to travel there. One company was going to send me to China but their time schedule didn’t fit mine. So if you don’t try, you can’t meet new opportunities.


I have a folder named “Thesis Application” and I have more than 20 proposals there that I have prepared for different companies. The companies expect you to prepare individual thesis proposals for every single of them. On the other hand as a student, you may not be sure about what you want to work with but you better spend some time on that. Be  ready to prepare proposals that you will never use 🙂


Upgrade your CV, transcript and anything that you may need during your applications. Send them to everybody. Maybe someone who knows someone may help you.

Reading Materials

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Good Luck ! Your comments are appreciated !


22 Responses to “Finding Thesis Work in Sweden”

  1. 1 Kaiye Chang

    Very useful and article and contains a lot of value, well done!
    Hope everything fine with u, buddy, keep in touch 🙂

  2. 3 Nazmul Islam

    i don know how to apply and where to apply! could u plz gv me the company names or the links where can apply for masters thesis.plz reply me.

    • Hi Nazmul
      Since I dont know what you are studying you need to find the companies yourself. So just dont hesitate send companies your CV and thesis topic even if they dont have any vacancies. You need to have an entrepreneurial mind and try to find them where they are instead of waiting them to come to you. Dont forget that there are thousands of students like who are trying to find master thesis so the competition is high !
      Good Luck

  3. 5 Syed Atif Shaharyar

    thanks and really great work,
    please try to manage it updated as possible.

    good luck

  4. 6 Enrique

    Very nice info!!
    I am currently looking for a company to do the thesis with in sweden and is killing me!!
    by the way, what was your field of study?

    • I did my thesis in e-marketing and my master programme is called “ICT Entrepreneurship”. Good luck with your studies!

  5. 8 LEO

    Really helpful. Thanks, man

  6. 9 Sen

    Well you got the thesis on Jan 2009, when were you intending to start it any way. Maybe the companies didn’t react positively as you contacted them too early, nobody wants to have correspondence with a thesis applicant for months.

    • I was planning to start in January anyway but you need time to shape your ideas as well.. Besides sometimes they may not have a specific project but you could start something new which takes a lot of time.. That is the reason!

  7. 11 ¨Mostafa

    I am master student in project management at KTH university, my proposal is so general, i mean any company especially purchasing , department can assist me, I want some interview and filling just some ranking form, could you please help me?


  8. 13 sumanth

    i am doing masters in signal processing.can u give me the names of some companies or link of some companies to apply for the thesis work

  9. 15 Azhar

    hello evey body,
    Anyone have information that how can i find paid thesis in companies: kindly send me some companies links where i can apply

  10. 16 sri

    Hi friends,
    i wanting to thesis in any company, i don’t know how to apply please suggest me. i have basic knowledge on .net that to in C#. thanking you.

  11. 17 mmmbeigne

    Thanks! As a Canadian in Sweden about to start my 2nd year of my masters, this is really handy!! =)

  12. 19 RAS

    I am studying master of mechanical engineering with focus on material engineering.
    I appreciate if some one introduce me a useful link to find the thesis in related to my program.

  13. 20 Adam

    i’m Master students in network engineering at Halmstad Unviersity ,my thesis will start in 1st of September ,i’m looking for a company thesis but i do’t how to apply , can any one help me and send me the names of some companies or link of some companies to apply for the thesis work

  14. hi
    I want to do thesis in datamining as i am complete my coarse work almost very earlier computer engineering specialization in artificial intelligence but still could not find the thesis can you update me which companies are more..towards datamining side in which i could get it ..thanks

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