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Niclas Reimertz from Eviware summarizes the 7 deadly sins of geeks – while writing a business plan – as following : ”We have no competition” ”We will win because our product is better” ”The more we charge the more we make” ”Nobody will pay more than 99$ for this” ”I can’t say this, it’s not […]


Recently, I came across a white paper from BlackDuck Software. It has the same name with the title of this post. So here are the 7 best practices mentioned in the white paper : Re-use existing components wherever appropriate Track and control changes to internal components Control re-use of sensitive or external components Verify every […]

Today I finished a white paper for the project that I am working on right now for the CSD (Communication System Design) course at KTH. You can download the white paper in PDF. Here is the executive summary : Every year new technologies are emerging in the market. One of the concerns of the business […]

Home Sweet Home


Today I cleaned my place as usual. But this time I took it more serious and it was really shining all around. So I thougt it’s a good time to show the others the place where I stay. Don’t worry about the language as I speak Turkish while showing out my place. Hope you like […]

This week was our midterm workshop for the CSD (Communication System Design) course at KTH. This is a course where teams of students work on different projects to apply their analytical and inter-personal skills on a real-life project. And I’m the project manager for the WaterWell team. Our project is basically an online water quality […]