CSD Midterm Presentation


This week was our midterm workshop for the CSD (Communication System Design) course at KTH. This is a course where teams of students work on different projects to apply their analytical and inter-personal skills on a real-life project. And I’m the project manager for the WaterWell team.

Our project is basically an online water quality management where we use Sun SPOTs and sensors to analyze the quality of water. This project is being developed for the Blantyre Water Board in Malawi but can be used anywhere in the world. So this week, we had a presentation in which we talked about our achievements and progress of the project so far.

In a summary, we focused on the fact that our project is trying to solve a real-life problem which affects nearly one million people in Blantyre and the other areas in the vicinity of Blantyre. You can check the following slides to have an idea of what we are doing in this project.(Some fonts are problematic on slideshare.)

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