School Stuff !


To say the truth, we have a lot of things to do at the school. Especially in the course called, Business Opportunities in ICT, every week we explore two different cases. These cases are real-life cases, in which we read a lot of materials about a start-up and then help them decide what to do next in many situations. Sometimes professors from Stanford and Harvard join us in video conference and we communicate with through a camera and a microphone at the classroom.

On the right side, you can see me and my team for the first assignment, in which we had an interview with one of the best entrepreneurs in Sweden. He was awarded the Entrepreneur Award in 2006 and he was one of top ten entrepreneurs in 2005. So we it was a really great experience to talk to him and listen him for nearly an hour. Actually, one more interesting fact was that, his wife was Turkish 🙂 So he was able to speak Turkish, Spanish, Russian, Swedish, English fluently, can u believe it ? Well, he was really a talented entrepreneur and he was very helpful for us in many way, Thanks so much Alex Breton !

Actually, today i realized that i don’t take any pictures here in Stockholm 🙂 Now i’m uploading some pictures which i took a month ago. They are from the main campus of KTH which is really a very big campus. It’s so hard to reach to end of it, also it has a great environment..

Here are the pictures, if you click on them, you’ll have the bigger versions of them.


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