Hej !


I know it has been a long time since i last posted on my blog but so many things happened during this time. And the problem is that i don’t have internet connection at home yet. So, i’m connecting from the school’s building at the moment.

The biggest news about my life is that, i moved to Stockholm for my master studies at KTH on 15th of August. So it has been more than two weeks that i’m here. I already got used to the place and people but let me show you around !

Travelling to Kista / Stockholm

After we arrived at the Arlanda Airport with Alper , we took a taxi to go to the main campus of KTH which is located at Valhallavägen. There we picked our keys for our new home in Kista.

So this is how taxis look like in Sweden. Every taxi has its GPS and the price is fixed for many locations. Our taxi driver was from Iran and he spoke a little bit Turkish to us. GPS device helped him as he had problem in finding the address. You can click on the image to see its bigger version.

Our Flat in Kista

At a first glance the place where master students stay in Kista, Allevag doesn’t seem to be a great place to stay but anyways it’s my new home so i have to like it 🙂 Most people call these flats “containers” but i call ours ; home.

So here is what you see from my window ; Nokia. Well, everytime i look out from my window i see Nokia so i hope in future i’ll be seeing my flat everytime i look out from my office in Nokia 🙂

We are at the heart of IT sector in Kista. Times magazine calls Kista as the second Silicon Valley in the world. Ericsson has its headquarters in Kista with more than 9000 employees and a lot of physical presence. Microsoft, IBM, Tele2 and other big companies either have their headquarter or one of their main offices here in Kista.

If we just come inside of the flat we’ll see that it’s not a very big flat with its 25 square meters area. But it’s OK as we are just two here and we know each other very well. I think it wouldn’t be a good experience to live with someone you don’t know in a small room like this one. Photos will talk instead of me , right now …

Well you can click on photos for bigger versions but i’m pretty OK with the place. We have our own kitchen, toilet and bathroom but i know some other students share these places with others. So at least we can praise for this 🙂

This is all for now because i have an assignment to work on but until the next time i write something take care !


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