Miss Ilknur


Look who’s talking

Hi, I’m Ilknur, my friends call me “sweety”. If this introduction is enough, let me tell you some more about myself. At first, i want to reproach my uncle Gokhan for leaving me and going to Finland for 5 months. At the time he left me, i was just a very little lady, who always cries and doesn’t have any idea about anything in this world. Look how i look like ! This picture is from 6 months ago. I’m really small, well, to say the truth, that times i wasn’t able to speak English properly 🙂

Ok, in this 6 months, i have lived many things. Sometimes i was waving on the camera to my uncle online. Probably you have heard about Msn Messenger, that was the one i was using for a video chat with him.

If i should be talking about my hobbies, i can say, eating comes first ! Oh my, when im not hungry, i’m the happiest person on the earth. I can eat ( drink, as i don’t have proper teeth ) almost anything, including; milk, juice, soup etc.. Well , i can’t stop myself 🙂 I’m nearly 10 kgs, can u believe ? I was born 4 kgs and every month, i had one kg. I must be on a diet soon, as you know it’s summer time, women have this kind of problems .. Luckily i don’t have cellulites, ehe.

As you can see, i support Galatasaray, which is the best team in Turkey. When i began to speak, the first thing i’ll say, will be ” Champion Galatasaray ” 🙂

I love to smile, play with my toys, everybody in my family loves me sooo much but i’ll never be a naughty kid. As you can see, my favourite color is pink. But i have no idea about the singer, Pink.

Sorry, i have to go back to sleeping as my uncle will come here soon and ask me for the computer. So, i have to leave you now. But i’m going to put some of my pictures here if i can do it. Well, my uncle is a computer engineer, he’ll teach me one day 😉 Gule guleee…

PS: The blue bead you see on the corners of pictures is called “Nazar Boncugu” and we believe that it brings luck for us and keeps us away from the other people’s bad thoughts about us. Masaallah is the word, we use to keep the devil away from us.


One Response to “Miss Ilknur”

  1. 1 alper celik

    wooooowwww my goddddddddd !!!!

    What a beautiful girl you are, i cant beleive that u can write, it is impessive !!!

    I wish you all the best, sweetiest girl ever…!!!

    Ps.(If you support Besiktas, then i will buy a dall set for you…!!! Think about it…)

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