I’m Back !


After 5 months in Finland, being an Erasmus student, now i’m back in my hometown Ankara. Seems like Finland still looks beautiful in the mirror of our old car, VFC-286 ( its code name and traffic plate)

I unpacked my bags which were full of memories, and now trying to get used to my life again. The first difference is naturally the climate, as it’s sooo hot for me now. I can’t even walk outside now but i like it anyway.. This is what i’ve been wanting to see for a long time.

It’s great to be home with my family, my friends, my streets even my car which can speed, not like VFC-286 eheh ..

I have plans for my summer, i want to work somewhere in the computer business and would like a holiday in the south (Alanya,Marmaris,Antalya etc..) Well, i have to admit, working hard and not being lazy, this is something i learned from Finnish people. If there’s one thing i need to respect about them, that is their hard-workingness.

This has been a very sloppy text but forgive me this time, next time i want to write about my nephew Ilknur who is only 6 months old and loves to laugh 24 hours.. Masallah..


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