Leaving another city behind..


Moikka Suomi !

Tomorrow will be a different day for me … Because i’ll be gone ..

Kids in Feeniks will still play, buses in the bus station will still take people to different cities, Helsingitie will still let the cars the way to Helsinki, Bar54 will still be crowded by people, students will still study at HAMK University… But i’ll be gone ..

The weather will be still hot for a period of time, then it’ll be “cold” again.. Foreigners will freeze and Finnish people will smile at them.. Forssa will be still Forssa but i’ll be gone..

But when it comes to the roads to Turku, Tampere or even Pori, they’ll miss me .. They’ll miss the craziest driver ever drove on them.. But i’ll be gone..

Am i leaving Finland or am i going back home ? Time will show me the place where i feel home ..

But one thing that i’m sure is that, i couldn’t still find, which city i belong to, and i’ve to try hard to find it..

So, as a summary, tomorrow i’ll be leaving Forssa and going back home to Ankara, Turkey.. I’m sure this is not the last goodbye to a city and a bunch of people, but it still hurts me a little bit..

Thanks a lot to every single person i’ve met in Finland ! Moi Moi !

Link: My first blog from Forssa


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