Trip to the east

Hameenlinna is a city which is ~56 kms far away from Forssa. I can say it’s the nearest civilization around 🙂 So sometimes it’s good to visit there and see people, shopping centers, some interesting places around. All in all last week we were there, so i want to talk about Hameelinna. There will be plenty of photos here, so i’ll put them in small size but when you click on them, you can see the bigger sizes.

First of all, the first difference with my previous trips to there was the ” Spring “. As far as i know, my mates are living the summer in Turkey but here it’s so called warm spring. There are flowers coming to life all around, and you can find all the tones of green in the streets, gardens, balconies…

Everywhere looks pretty fine and getting ready for the summer which hasn’t been able to visit Finland yet. I hope it’s not a myth or an old story that, summer will ever be possible in Finland 🙂 Because in Ankara, Turkey, it’s like 35 degrees now and they are burning, ehe..

First we visited the place called ” Joutsenlampi “, which is a really big garden ( with a small lake included) that has been presented to a princess as a present in 1883. As you can predict, there are many species of flowers, trees and nature there.

There were even some ducks in the small lake of the garden. But here in Finland, there are so many lakes that even people have their own lakes 😀 So seeing a lake is never something strange, even for me now..

Then we met a small castle in that garden. There is another huge castle in Hameenlinna, but this small one was also used by the Finnish people to protect their land, it’s so high that you can even see Turkey from there 😛

As you can see, there’s also another big lake over there, thousands of millions of trees. Well, i have tried to count them but after 6.747.456 something, i quitted 😀

So, you the reader, never ever try to count the number of trees in Finland, it’s simply uncountable !

On the top of the castle, we spent like half an hour to see the whole area, the limitless sky and the tones of green was dazzling my eyes. That was the time i realized that i was at least 60 metres high from the ground, so it was better to take care of myself. Because if i’d fall down, there wouldn’t be so many things left from me.

One thing i have discovered about myself is that, i love nature.. Of course i don’t want to live in a forest or near the lake forever but sometimes it’s good to go to countryside and see the nature. I’d like to finish this post with a very meaningful and lovely photo of me and nature.


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