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I’m Back !


After 5 months in Finland, being an Erasmus student, now i’m back in my hometown Ankara. Seems like Finland still looks beautiful in the mirror of our old car, VFC-286 ( its code name and traffic plate) I unpacked my bags which were full of memories, and now trying to get used to my life […]

Ben bir Haziran akşamı,Sen ise soğuk bir Şubat sabahı.. Senle ben yanyana gelmeyecek iki zaman birimi..Alt alta durmayacak iki mısra, karşılaşmayacak iki eski dost,Ve belki de duyulamayacak bir çığlık gibiyiz.. Oysa sen fa olsan ben de mi,Belki bir şarkıda olsun yanyana gelirdik..O zaman bizi dinleyenler anlardı,Ayrılığın suçu sende mi bende mi ? Gökhan DoğanForssa, Finlandiya, […]

Moikka Suomi ! Tomorrow will be a different day for me … Because i’ll be gone .. Kids in Feeniks will still play, buses in the bus station will still take people to different cities, Helsingitie will still let the cars the way to Helsinki, Bar54 will still be crowded by people, students will still […]



Trip to the eastHameenlinna is a city which is ~56 kms far away from Forssa. I can say it’s the nearest civilization around 🙂 So sometimes it’s good to visit there and see people, shopping centers, some interesting places around. All in all last week we were there, so i want to talk about Hameelinna. […]

A Turkish guy in Finland Here is the article i’ve written for the lecture ” Finnish Culture and Language ” which we had here at HAMK – University of Applied Sciences. It’s not a very detailed and deep look at Finnish people and Finland, but i hope it gives you an idea about here. The […]