Balkon Sefasi ( Fun in Balcony )


Sunshine in Forssa

Nowadays, the weather is really great. It’s unbelievable for me, but it’s over 20 degrees averagely..

Today, it was like 24 degrees, and more interesting is that it was ” + ” plus 24 degrees 😀

First we were in our favourite place in Forssa, the place where i call ” the Lake ” and some friends call it ” pond “.. It’s still the Lake for me.. We had sunbathing there.. Lying on the grass for hours.. Chatting and doing nothing.. It was a day off for us today 😀

Sooo we decided to sit in the balcony and play some video games..

Our last favourite game is Fifa 2006 World Cup, actually Maho is playing it crazily.. All the day, i see his back and the monitor, playing Fifa2006WC.

Then, Ercan joined us in the balcony, which you can see the pictures below 😀 It’s like i have to prove everything i said, by a photo .

After all, it was the time for the sun to go his home. Waving for us ..


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