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Tech Tips


Some Computer StuffGlobal Hotkeys for Multimedia Playback SUMMARY: Control Winamp 5 multimedia playback, no matter what software program you are currently running. Winamp 5 supports global hotkeys, allowing you to pause multimedia playback, jump to different songs, skip forward and backwards within songs, and more from no matter what application you are running. 1. Right-click […]

Being a Turk


I have translated an essay written by a famous Turkish writer, Ahmet Altan. It’s about being a Turk, and he has really great observations about us. If you really want to have some idea about being a Turk, i recommend you to go on reading.. This is my first translation experiment, so please forgive me […]

Sunshine in ForssaNowadays, the weather is really great. It’s unbelievable for me, but it’s over 20 degrees averagely.. Today, it was like 24 degrees, and more interesting is that it was ” + ” plus 24 degrees 😀 First we were in our favourite place in Forssa, the place where i call ” the Lake […]