Spring in Forssa



Hey, nobody will believe but it’s hot here now ! Even, i’m wearing shorts and t-shirts outside ! It’s almost 13° C, but you feel hotter than actually it’s .. It must be because of the climate or the sun rays , they are all different from Turkey.. The weather is great now, and i hope it’ll last like this, till i go back to my country..

Here are some pictures:

Now, i can see that people are going out and walking in the streets. Until this time, it was very difficult to see people outside, but now it’s like everyone is full of energy. But, it’s still boring to live in Forssa, nothing to do, noone to talk.. I’ve already missed “my” Ankara..

All in all, it’s something i’ve chosen and i like the way i’m living.. I’ll try to upload some more pictures from spring scenes in Forssa, but first i have to take those pictures 😀
Welcome Spring,,
PS: When it’s sunny, i’m funny.


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