Things i missed


About my hometown : Ankara

Of coursely, first of all, i missed my family and friends.. Besides them, there are the things which came to my mind now, the order / items can change..

1- My mom’s meals ( even vegetables, no more kebab please )

2- My Car ( Driving in Ankara streets with mates )

3- Weather ( Hopefully, it’s warm nowadays )

4- My big headphones ( And watching movies with it )

5- My bed ( Oh, so comfortable, i have backpain here.. )

6- The friendliness of Turkish people ( The smile in faces )

When i thought, i found out that there are not so many things i missed about Turkey. Because i took myself and my memories with me, keeping in my mind. I don’t like living in past, because it’s past, i’m working for future, the future of me and my country..

” I live the absence from home but not the absence from me and myself..”


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