Anti SnowMan


Killing in the name of Spring

Hello again from the country of winter, which is something we simply ” HATE ” . We, the anti SnowMan has decided to execute the snowman which has been standing in front of our building, since the first day, we came to Forssa.

We have been planning to torture him, before he dies, so we came with a plan to kick his ass ! First we started with punchs and kicks, and lastly we throwed him away and watched him, breaking to pieces…

This photo on the right, shows the happy old days, when he was alive, and snow was something funny for us, as it was only the second day we came here. All the love stories begin like this.. First, you think it will last forever.. But then, when you see him everytime, it gets boring.. you want to kill your opponent..

This is the last moment of the snowman, as he gave the last breath of him, to the cold weather of Forssa.

Now, we opened the spring season. We hope that, we won’t see anymore snows or snowmen around.

Hey, folks ! Snowman died ! Now it’s time for spring. You can check out the death of snowman below in the video. ( Please be patient, as it loads and dont forget to click the play button 😀 )


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