Turkish Barber Shop


Cross-Eyed Barber, Alper

Everything started, when i learned that there’s a Turkish barber, next to my flat, who cuts hair for free ! That was the time i decided to have my hair cut by him..

But how could i know that he was a cross-eyed barber.. Also it was the first time, he was cutting someone’s hair..

The one on the right is my barber, Alper, he is also my ” stylist ” 🙂 You can’t tell him, how you want your hair to be, he always has only one way to cut your hair, so it’s meaningles to tell him something about what you wish. He will always cut it in his way..

Me, on the left.. This picture was taken before i had my hair cut.. I’m happy, healthy, and even having the desire to live forever..

Hehe, joking apart, he is a real talented barber. I dont remember how many times he cut my hair when we were in England together.. And all of us ( Turkish students in Forssa ) have our hair cut by him..

The best part of it is that, we pay NOTHING ! : ) But if you want, he says it’s 5 euro.

Now you can the results, above.. And decide if he’s talented or not..


One Response to “Turkish Barber Shop”

  1. hahaha… :))
    i think, i made a great job. Did not I?

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