Cottage in the Forest


Away from home again..

This is the middle of nowhere, this is where wild animals are surrounding you and there is no water. This is Tammela..

Ok, it was a little bit science-fictional begining, it wasn’t that bad. But it’s one of the most common things which Finnish people do, when they want to spend time with friends. They go to forest, rent a cottage, and do NOTHING 🙂 the whole day.. Hehe, well there are something they do, which i will try to describe you by some pictures..

Let’s see what you can do in a forest..

Lesson 1 : Play Soccer on Ice

You can play soccer on a frozen lake. The snow may be as high as your knees but it’s not a problem, you can still go on.. It’s really funny, try it for once or twice.. maybe more 🙂 You can also try frisbee, it’s also one very enjoyable thing for Finnish.

Lesson 2 : Go to sauna then to the lake

This is one very common thing in Finland. First they go to sauna ( really hot place ) , then get off there and run to the hole in lake ( which has been digged before ) and jump in.. I hear like you are asking if i did or not, and as predictable, NO ! 😀 But maybe next time..

Lesson 3 : Play Finnish-Style Bowling :

Well, in this kind of bowling, there are 12 sticks which has numbers on them, from 1 to 12, and they are standing on the ground. You have another piece of wood like a bowling ball. Then you try to hit the sticks but, the rule is that, if one of the sticks fall down, then you get the point which is written on it, but if more than one of them falls down, then you get the point of how many sticks fell down. You can see them in the pictures below, especially the second one is a state of art, pictured by Alper, while i was doing one of my best shots 😀

Lesson 4 : Play Twister and become paralyzed !

And then what you can do is to listen the silence and voice of the wind in the deep forest..


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