What is 21 ?

= 3 x 7

= 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6

21% of the air we breath is oxygen.

A game of table tennis is won by the first player reaching 21 points.

We live in the twenty-first century.

Twenty-one is a card game which is also known as Pontoon or Vingt-et-un. Its object is to
have a total score in one’s hand nearest to, but not exceeding, 21.

Since 23rd of March, 2006, i’m also 21.. That is why i’m so interested in 21.. Last week, i had a birthday party in my flat with friends and my Turkish mates. It was really great to see all people i know together, Thanks for everyone involved. But i’ve to send my special thanks to Alper, Ercan and Mahmut ( in alphabetic order ) for preparing me such a great party and for all the things that they have done for me .. Iyi ki varsiniz lan !

PS : It’s a been a little bit late for this post, but i’m really busy nowadays..


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