Our Car – 89′ Renault 19


Do you call it a car ?

Yeah, i call it a car 😀 Well, this is the car that i’ve been talking about.. It was born in 1989, believe or not, they say that, some engineers who resigned from Porsche, decided to build a sportive and fast car for Renault.

That was the time they made this car 😀 In spite of the fact that, it doesn’t want to work in the mornings, it’s not a bad car, we bought it with 3 of my mates who are also studying here with me.

Life has changed so much for us, after we bought the car..
Before Reno :
– No one wants to go out and walk to anywhere.
– We dont actually know, where Turku, Hameenlina or Helsinki is.
– We dont know, how Finnish people drive on roads.
– We didnt know much about automatic gas stations, as we dont have any in Turkey 😀

After Reno :

– We are mobile 😀
– It’s not a problem to go out and have a coffee at somewhere in the middle of the night.
– We go to school everyday to study !
– Now, we know all about Finnish traffic ! ( Does it exist ? After Ankara, it’s like a babytoy. )

By the way, after this much advertising,.. We will sell this car, when we are going to go back to Turkey. So, if you are interested to buy it, maybe after 3 months.. You can have your name on the queue.. My contact details are on the left of the page 😉

Bonus Track :

Here is a bonus picture for girls 😀 Me, playing bowling with friends in a bowling place in Forssa.. By the way, i loveeee bowling.


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