Trip To Sweden !
Forssa – Turku – Stockholm
This week, i and my fellas decided to visit Stockholm.. Well, to go to Stockholm (Sweden), at first you must go to Helsinki or Turku, take a biiig boat from there, which also carries cars, and then you will find yourself in one of the greatest cities of the world. We’ve chosen Turku to take our boat. It took just a little bit more than 1 hour for us to go there, by our “brand-new” car 🙂 I’d like to show you our car, one day, when i’m not lazy to take photos of it..
Allright, when we arrived at Turku, we have found a place named smth. like “Amorilla”, and had some hot drinks there. But as i have seen so far, Turku is also a nice city with so much facilities in.
From left to right: Mali – Gokhan – Mahmut- Ercan
The absent one in this photo is Alper, who always take photos of us, unfortunately 😀 So in most photos, you aren’t able to see him..
Well, i’d like to tell you some about the boat.. It has some 9 floors, and in every floor it has different facilities. The lowermost 2 or 3 floors are for cars, as it also carries cars to Stockholm. Then comes the cabins, where you can open your door with an electronic card which they give you when you check-in. It was the biggest boat i’ve ever taken. And the most interesting part of the trip is that, you actually go in the middle of a frozen sea.. So the boat always cracks the ices to make a way for itself.. It’s sometimes so scary that, in the middle of the night, you wake up and see only unlimited frozen sea in front of you.
Some Pictures from the Boat:

Eventually Stockholm (after 12 hours trip)

So, we made it to Stockholm.. Now we are soooo tired, as we didn’t sleep much the previous night. And we want to find a cheap place to sleep for some hours, then we’ll go out and try to discover the city.. After a couple of hours we found a place to sleep. But it wasn’t so cheap, and we rented it for a night but stayed there only 4-5 hours.. When you are so sleepy, you dont think about money that much 🙂 By the way, in Sweden, you can’t use euros everywhere, you have to change your money, it’s like 9 krones ( not sure ) is 1 euro.. So everything seems to be very expensive as you pay at least 50 krones for the cheapest activities 😀 Here are some prices for you to have some opinions.. 22 krones: a big cup of tea, 850 krones : a room for double for a night, 67 krones: Burger King Menu …

Pictures from Stockholm :


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