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Turkish PartyWe have some good Turkish friends, here in Forssa. They are the owners of Dennis Kebab, if one day you come to Forssa, you should come and eat in Dennis Kebab, which has the best kebab around. Mali is one of the owners of Dennis Kebab, and we had party in his house.. Mali […]

Turkish Movie Party..Everything started, when i downloaded the movie ” Transporter 2″. Then we decided to watch it at my room, then the preparations started. Our technical specifications :1- Asus A3E Laptop2- Nokia 17 inch monitor3- 4 chairs to put your feet4- A bed to sit5- Some popcorn6- 4 crazy Turkish guys.. Ps: We mustn’t […]

Professional Ice Hockey Player I didnt know that i was this talented about ice hockey, but i gotta mention that i was born as a professional ice hockey player… Only with a little, little difference, that i have only my great shoessssssss to slide on the ice 😀 as you can see on the left, […]