IT Test


Looking for an IT Career ?

Here is a fun way to explore what IT jobs you might like. The inventory asks you about your learning styles and multiple intelligences. It’s a project funded and produced by the NWCET, IEEE, NSF and TAF which are the biggest foundations in IT sector..

Here are my test results:


• sees big picture • learns by challenging situations or systems • tests constantly • analyzes pieces of the whole • thinks about how parts fit together to make the whole work better • likes complexity • likes puzzles


• Database Design and Administrationo help people design systems for tracking of lots of different kinds of information on the computer
• Computer programming/Engineeringo write programs in computer languages that instruct computers to do certain tasks • Network design and Administrationo design, install and maintain the networks of computers that offices and companies rely on today • Enterprise Systems Analysis and Integration o help companies figure out how to improve their old work processes by moving to new computerized systems

Ps: The test encouraged me about my possible career in Database Design or Network Administration. But nowadays i’m also interested in M2M, (machine to machine) applications.. Let’s see, what future will bring us .


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