Trip to the Capital

Well, eventually we are on the way to Helsinki (Helsingfors). And before going there, we were in sauna of our building, and as always i had all my jacket and the other things in sauna .. 😀 It’s never enough hot for me, in there..

Well, of course i’m joking.. Because, my record in the sauna is not more than 5 minutes.. It’s hella hot in there !

Finnish Police & Turkish Drivers

Hehe, when we were on our way to Helsinki. We had this little problem with police 😀 Our speed wasn’t more than 140 kms/h… so i couldn’t understand why they stopped us .. It helped us to learn that the speed limit on that way to Helsinki is 80 kms/h.. So Kivanc wasn’t very happy to pay the fine that day ..

Pictures and Comments

This is Helsinki, and you can see the Stockmann behind me. It’s the most famous shopping center in Finland. And they say, if you can’t find something in Stockmann, then you can’t find it in Finland !Baltic Sea is lying in front you, and waiting for you to swim.. It seems really hot huh ? Actually, the whoooole sea is frozen ! It was such an amazing moment for us to see a frozen sea..


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