Sliding in Forssa !


Today, Kivanc Abi (our friend from Dennis Kebab) took us to somewhere to slide by sledge and some-kind of inflatable plastic boat which you can take on.. Allright, i want to show you our sliding equipment. The picture on the left is taken just before i slided from the top of a hill (not a real high hill, but enough to make some speed). And the one on the right is also taken by me, before i slided from the same hill with that sledge. But i can assure you that, the one on the left is far faster than the one on the right.. And i don’t recommend you to speed up so much 😀 Then you can injure yourself..

Hopefully it wasn’t so cold outside, so we were there nearly for 2 hours, and i think it was really enough fun, instead of the moments that we crashed on the snow.. You know, the temperature was like -2 degrees, and for Finnish people, it’s like summer time 😀 even it’s still winter for us..

By the way, i have some videos from our first slidin experiments..

Videos: Full Throttle Action

Mahmut having an accident

Me, jumping with sledge

Accident & i jump over mahmut

Pictures: Without Comment, speaking for itself


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