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IT Test


Looking for an IT Career ?Here is a fun way to explore what IT jobs you might like. The inventory asks you about your learning styles and multiple intelligences. It’s a project funded and produced by the NWCET, IEEE, NSF and TAF which are the biggest foundations in IT sector.. Download and print the IT […]



Trip to the CapitalWell, eventually we are on the way to Helsinki (Helsingfors). And before going there, we were in sauna of our building, and as always i had all my jacket and the other things in sauna .. 😀 It’s never enough hot for me, in there.. Well, of course i’m joking.. Because, my […]

Today, Kivanc Abi (our friend from Dennis Kebab) took us to somewhere to slide by sledge and some-kind of inflatable plastic boat which you can take on.. Allright, i want to show you our sliding equipment. The picture on the left is taken just before i slided from the top of a hill (not a […]

Dinner Time


Cooking Lesson : How to make great salads Allright, it was an ordinary day, until i and Mahmut decided to eat something “real”.. I mean something, that is hot, has some taste and enjoyful to eat. Because, until that day, all things that we have been eating were like, pizzas, hamburgers, cookies etc.. etc.. But […]

Erasmus = Party


Allright, it has been nearly 3 weeks we are here, and i dont remember how many parties we had 😀 But well, as long as we go to school when we have to, it’s no problem, huh ? What’s bad about having party with friends.. As you can see in this picture, we are really […]