Terve Suomi (Hello Finland)


Now me and 3 of my friends are in Forssa,Finland. I will try to explain you all parts of our travel, and friends and etc..

Travelling to Forssa

First we took the airplane from Ankara to Munich, and after an hour in Munich, we took the airplane to Helsinki. All the way to Helsinki took like 6-7 hours, by airplane. But the adventure didn’t end as we arrived at Vantaa Airport. By the time we were out of the airport, the temperature was smth like -25 C , and we couldnt even breath ! In my hometown, it can be max. -7 , -8 and you can’t see it every year… So it was very very cold for us, then we found the bus which is going to Forssa. Everybody was laughing at us, and saying “Welcome to Finland” as we couldn’t even stand in that weather.. My nose was going to fall down 🙂 But there was a problem, because we told our tutors ( the ones who will meet us from the school), to come there at 3 am .. But because of the fact that, we reached the previous bus, we were there 2 hours before our schedule.. (by the way it takes 1,5 hours from Vantaa Airport to Forssa). Then we arrived at Forssa, there were no public phones to call our tutors.. It was still smth. like -24 C, and we were outside, nowhere to go ! Then we called them by a taxi driver’s mobile phone.. They came in 15 minutes to meet us, and that was one of the most happiest moments i have ever lived 😀 Our tutors are very lovely people, they helped us a lot to move in our flat, arranging our things.. Now we are in our flat..

Our Flat in Forssa

Now i gotta mention smth.. This is one of the greatest student’s flat i have ever seen in my life.. The picture on the right belongs to my room, but this is the picture from the first day, now i rearranged something, changing the place of the bed, the other things..

By the way, i live in this flat with my roommate Mahmut. He is also my classmate in Turkey. The other 2 friends of mine are living in the next flat to ours .. The picture on the left is Mahmut and our kitchen.

The Small Town Forssa

This is a view from Forssa, pictured from our kitchen.. But this is rather a factory from Forssa. Because in Forssa, there are many small and medium factories.. But it has only 19.000 population. This is a very very small number, as compared to hometown, as it has nearly 4 million population (Ankara,Turkey).

But compared to its population, we have every facility here. Shopping centers, bank, theathre, 2 clubs, etc..

You can walk the whole town in 1,5 hours.. As we did with Mahmut 🙂 And we have a Turkish Kebab Market here, called Dennis Kebab. We met them, and they are really very kind people, trying to help us.. So it seems that, we have kebab even in Forssa..

That’s all for now.. Next time, i will try to write about school and the other things..


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