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Now me and 3 of my friends are in Forssa,Finland. I will try to explain you all parts of our travel, and friends and etc.. Travelling to ForssaFirst we took the airplane from Ankara to Munich, and after an hour in Munich, we took the airplane to Helsinki. All the way to Helsinki took like […]

Uncle Gokhan


Well, now i’m not only Gokhan, i’m uncle Gokhan. My sister had a daughter, named Ilknur. Meaning the “first divine light” as she is the first baby-girl, in the past 20 years of father’s family. I wanted to take a picture of her, but she was crying all times and shaking her head, not to […]

Way to "Suomi"


Nowadays, i’m preparing to go to Finland. I’ll be spending my next 6 months there to study in Hame Polytechnic University, in Computer Science Dept. I’m going there by Erasmus student exchange program which is supported by E.U. Actually, I study in Cankaya University, here in Ankara/Turkey. I will be there for only spring semester.. […]